What Is Abandonware & How To Safe

What Is Abandonware & How To Safe?

Abandonware refers to a software that has been left out by its developers, this can happen unintentionally or due to a strong reason. Although, there are a number of reasons why a software might be ignored by the developers. An Abandonware can include shareware, freeware, open source software and commercial software as well. The term Abandonware also represents a software that is no longer maintained by the developer and does not have any technical support.

What Conditions Lead To A Software Becoming Abandonware?

The technical taskforce working at Kaspersky Support has complete knowledge of what can lead a software being declared as Abandonware. These conditions have been mentioned below.

  • A program that has not been updated for a long time and the developer has stopped any further updates.
  • The company or business owing the software is no longer functioning.
  • A company or business unit purchases the software directly or indirectly and does not continue with any further development of the software.
  • There are financial restrictions that limit the developer from providing further updates and technical support to the software.
  • A particular software or program can be used with obsolete hardware or operating system which is not available anymore.
  • The developer decides to release a new version of the same software and leave the previous one.
  • Old shareware has been released by the program developer but not maintained properly.
  • The License server required for the program to activate and work is not available leading to the malfunctioning of the software.

You can connect with the Kaspersky Technical Support professionals to know more about Abandonware and how it works.

How Can A Software Declared As Abandonware Affect The Users?

With the internet being plagued by a vast number of Abandonware, there is bound to be some side-effects if a user comes across any such software. Our professionals have come up with some effects that Abandonware can have on the user’s PC. Kindly read below to find out more.

  • One of the clear effect that an abandoned software will have on the user’s PC is security risks. As updates are no longer available for covering any security loopholes, the software is an open gateway for cybercriminals to attack the user’s computer.
  • Abandonware software does not moves forward when it comes to features and additional capabilities. This leads to the program becoming useless over a period of time in terms of compatibility. It can also happen owing to new operating systems being released that do not support the program anymore.
  • An Abandonware can be purchased from an existing user as it is no longer available from the official developer website. It means that if a user misses out on buying a software from the official source, they do not have that chance with an Abandonware.

How Can I Connect With The Kaspersky Customer Support Professionals?

You can connect with the Kaspersky Support officials to know more about abandonware. Connecting with our Kaspersky Tech Support experts is just a phone call away. Just pick up the phone and dial our toll-free number at 1800-987-893 to get your software issue resolved. Our team of technical experts will always be there to provide you with the best updates for any software to keep your PC safe. We have earned a reputable name in the market owing to the complete dedication and commitment towards providing each customer with the best technical support.

Our highly skilled professionals possess complete knowledge about every software that can not only increase the productivity of your PC but also keep it safe. All you need to do is pick up the phone and connect with Kaspersky Customer Support experts via the toll-free number 1800-987-893. We will ensure that no technical glitch ever interferes with the smooth functioning of your PC. Rest assured that whenever an issue interrupts with the performance of your PC, we will be there to resolve it.

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