Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky password manager keeps all the personal information protected like user name, password, contacts and phone numbers etc. It secures your system from unwanted users. All important information’s are saved in an encrypted form in Kaspersky Password manager database, which is protected by a master password. You can’t access the secured records of Kaspersky password management database unless the database is unlocked. In this way when a user, listed in Kaspersky Password Manager database, launches for a web page, the Kaspersky Password manager provides all the details related to the user automatically. All you need to remember is a single password, the master password and a user name.

Kaspersky Password manager can be installed on your machine with the help of installation wizard. It consists of a few simple steps. But remember before that you have download the installation file with (.exe extension) from internet. After completing the installation procedure, you have to activate it.

For activation of Kaspersky Password manager, license key is required. You must buy this license key to get the registration of the license completed. There are several ways to buy it you can buy it from Kaspersky lab, from context menu of Kaspersky password management window etc. Kaspersky’s Password Manager’s interface provides you access to add account, make changes in settings, create password etc. There is a caption button in the Kaspersky Password Managers application window which indicates that whether the database is locked or not. If the button color is blue then the Kaspersky Password Manager is not locked, if the button is grey that means the Kaspersky Password Management’s database is locked.

There are various ways to access the database. Primary way is to type the master password. Or you can enter a USB or Bluetooth device to the computer. If these devices are disabled then the database is locked. With Kaspersky Password manager, it is possible to attach a web page to an account. You can edit the details of every individual’s account. Exporting and Importing of passwords from an unprotected database is also possible with Kaspersky password management. In case of any unnecessary changes happen in the password database or the database gets damaged or corrupted, restoration of database is possible. Kaspersky Password manager takes backup of every changes that occurs in database, automatically. Changing of master password is also possible with Kaspersky Password Manager.

Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to copy the master password on clipboard for a particular time period, the time period will be set by you. But after that particular time period, defined by you, the password will automatically get deleted from clipboard. There are some special features of Kaspersky Password Manager. Password generator is a feature using which one can generate secure password that follows a standard password generation protocol.

Portability of Kaspersky Password Manager is its powerful feature. With Kaspersky Password Manager, all the secured passwords can be saved in a portable device like a USB. And then when you will insert the USB to a computer the Kaspersky Password Manager gets activated on that machine and after the usage when you remove the USB from the computer, Kaspersky Password Manager automatically closes.

Kaspersky Password Manager pointer is a very active and useful feature. When a website is launched in computer, the Kaspersky Password Manager pointer search for an attached account and as soon as it manages to find an account it immediately fills all the personal details to the webpage. If it fails to find an attached account it gives a prompt to attach a new account to the webpage. These are the powerfully factors about Kaspersky Password Manager. To protect your P.C from security threat Kaspersky Password Manager is the best option.

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