How To Protect Your PC From Malvertising

It might have happened a number of times when you are browsing online and suddenly the webpage gets bombarded with a number of links and irritating advertisements. These online advertisements although look just like a company trying hard to promote its products and services. The reality is much more bitter than the truth, as in such cases the internet has allowed everyone from children to adults to do what they please.

This has led to the spread of cybercrime that includes identity theft, data theft, and other illegal activities executed by cybercriminals and hackers. If you or anyone known to you has been the victim of such an attack, it is time to seek the help of a trained technical professional.

What Is Malvertising And How To Stay Safe From It?

Malvertising is a technique used by cybercriminals to hack into popular ad services and other websites by using malicious online advertisements. The cybercriminals or hackers then inject these into third-party banners and online advertisements and sometimes even pose as a legitimate advertiser of the product.

The reason that Malvertising is such an imminent threat is that it can easily penetrate thousands of websites at once by affecting popular ad services. The McAfee Support has come up with a number of effective tips to ensure that your digital presence stays safe from any online threat.

  • Firstly, ensure that your operating system stays updated along with the internet browser. This is the first line of defense against cybercriminals aiming to exploit any weakness including an outdated software.
  • Make sure that you have a reliable antivirus and internet security suite installed in your PC. This will ensure that no malware or other harmful software is able to penetrate your computer’s security.
  • Do not click on any pop-ups stating that you have won a lottery or a prize. Stay alert about any scareware asking you to install a software with a message that your “computer is infected with a virus”. It is a popular tactic deployed by cybercriminals to scare the users and install a malware on their system.
  • Always have a pop-up blocker or an ad-blocker to prevent any Malvertisement from slipping through the computer security. A simple pop-up can easily damage your computer by releasing malicious programs on the screen.
  • Keep a check on your browsing habits as cybercriminals tend to launch Malvertisement when IT resources are minimal and protection is not available.

We at the McAfee Customer Support are here to help you stay safe from any form of advertisement that might compromise the security of your computer data. Connect with the McAfee Technical Support experts via toll-free number at +61-1800 987 893 from anywhere in Australia.

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